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Announcements: eProfolio




The Launch of ePortfolio


Good afternoon,


I’m writing today to share some extremely exciting news with you. The National Board is taking a step in a forward moving direction and, effective with the current cycle (2012-2013), will implement an electronic portfolio submission process known as ePortfolio.


What exactly does this mean? Simply put-no more paper submissions. Candidates and participants will no longer mail portfolio entries to our office for scoring. Instead, they will upload all portfolio materials, including videos, into the ePortfolio online platform. It is our belief that ePortfolio will simplify the submission process for our candidates and participants as well as streamline our scoring processes and are eager to begin the transition.


Tomorrow we will introduce ePortfolio to all first-time, retake and renewal candidates and Take One! participants via email (a copy of that email is attached) but wanted to share this information with you first. We encourage you to review the information in the attached document and share it with your support providers, facilitators and any other stakeholders you feel will benefit from having this information at hand.


You’ll note from the attached document that we’re not only changing how entries are submitted, but also when entries are submitted. We’ll no longer have separate submission deadlines for each of our products, but rather a two month window that actually extends beyond our original submission deadlines!


Over the next few weeks, we will be providing candidates and participants with more detailed information about this change and realize that there may be more questions than answers at the offset. Please rest assured that our Customer Support staff is available to answer questions and alleviate any concerns that candidates and participants may have.  And, as always, do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.






Elizabeth Davis

Program Administrator

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards


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